Entrepreneur and CEO of Consul International Group, a company dedicated to the Consultancy of Small and Medium-sized Companies in countries of America, Europe and Asia. Founder of Consul Business School, a business school that trains Business Consultants around the world. Director and producer of EL CONSULTOR, a reality show that seeks to save and transform businesses in business problems within the United States. Director of the social program SAVING BUSINESSES, a program that seeks to help business owners most in need save their company through certain strategic actions. Carlos García has a degree in Public Accounting with a Master of Science in Management. In recent years, he has become one of the main figures of influence in the Latin market, as an expert in small and medium-sized companies, accompanying him to date more than 300,000 people, who daily validate, learn, and preach the knowledge learned by means of content of shared value, whose main objective is to provide advice, strategies and tips to help them successfully develop their businesses.